Château Quintus is the 5th child within the Domaine Clarence Dillon family of wines. Its name is a tribute to the Gallo-Romans, creators of Saint-Emilion’s vineyards, who had the custom of naming their fifth child Quintus.

Tasting notes

Beautiful, dark, garnet-red colour. The nose is rather closed at this time.
However, after a few minutes in the glass it opens up to reveal a rich, complex
bouquet of red and black fruit reflecting grapes picked at just the right moment.
2015 Quintus is smooth, even creamy, on the palate, with a tight-knit tannic structure.
This tannin is immediately perceptible, but in no way aggressive.
The middle palate is full-bodied, and the finish is delicious and fairly long.
This powerful, tasty wine is also very elegant.

The climate

The year 2015 appears to be the warmest and sunniest, throughout our country, since the beginning of meteorological statistics. A long heat wave and dry period allowed to achieve excellent flowering conditions until the arrival, in August, of miraculous rains.

This rain enabled the vines to maintain the necessary water reserves and to provide requisite nourishment for perfect ripeness. The harvest began in September under a clear blue sky. Thanks to this ideal weather, we were able to wait for optimum ripeness for each grape variety.  

All the conditions are there to allow 2015 to join the greatest vintages of Bordeaux.

Some Technical Information

  • Harvest dates

    From September 23rd to October 9th 

  • Blend

    Merlot: 76%
    Cabernet Franc: 24%

  • New barrels


  • Alcohol


  • Bottling date

    From April 24th to 25th 2017

Château Quintus