Château Quintus is the 5th child within the Domaine Clarence Dillon family of wines. Its name is a tribute to the Gallo-Romans, creators of Saint-Emilion’s vineyards, who had the custom of naming their fifth child Quintus.

Tasting notes

A superb ruby-red colour with purple glints.  The first nose is concentrated,
ripe and slightly discreet.  Swirling reveals lovely complexity and confirms
the ripeness of the fruit, with scents of violet. On the first taste,
it is wide and flavoursome with pulp.  Then the wine develops flawlessly,
thanks to developed, tightly-knit tannins. This Quintus leaves a
splendid sensation of fruity lightness and controlled
concentration, without any harshness.  Excellent persistency. 

The weather

The 2021 season was marked by a very mild winter and an incidence of frost in the month of April, the impact of which was fortunately restricted by Château Quintus’s terroir of hillsides where air circulates well. 2021 highlighted even more the strength of Quintus’s terroir, with a rainy month of June during which the topography and natural drainage of the soils enabled the vine to be protected from weather risks and fungal diseases.
After a relatively cool month of July, when the grapes developed slowly, the month of September marked a distinct speed-up in ripening, with warm, sunny days that were really beneficial for maturity. The harvest started on 24th September in very good conditions. Quintus’s terroir allowed us to have a splendid crop and ripe grapes possessing superb body. As it is the case each year, meticulous sorting was carried out both in the plots of vines and in the vat room.
This year, it was necessary to adjust winemaking to the grapes themselves, by giving priority to gentle extractions and vinification at low-temperature for a vintage which promised to be more classic than the two previous ones. 

A few figures

  • Harvest dates

    from 24th September to 8th October

  • Blend

    Merlot : 68.2%
    Cabernet Franc : 31.3%
    Malbec : 0.5%

  • Alcohol content


  • New barrels


Château Quintus