de Quintus

Le Dragon de Quintus is the second wine of Château Quintus. The name originates from the dragon statue that towers above the magical terroir of Saint-Emilion, perched high upon the promontory, where the estate is located.

Tasting notes

Beautiful red colour. Nose with notes of very ripe red fruit and floral
overtones thanks to Cabernet Franc. The wine starts out very smooth and soft
on the palate, going on to reveal round, supple tannin.
This wine has delicious fresh flavours. 

The Climate

One of the characteristics of 2011 was an extremely dry spring. Based on the measured rainfall in April, May and June this was the driest spring since 1949.Happily, summer brought some rain which allowed the vine to continue its growth. With a dry September, we were able to harvest in optimal conditions. 

Some Technical Information

  • Harvest Dates

    From 12th to 27th of September 

  • Blend

    Merlot: 54%
    Cabernet Franc: 46 %

  • New barrels


  • Alcohol

    13.5 %

  • Bottling date

    On May 13th 2013