2023 Vintage En Primeur

In the vineyard

Winter was mild at Château Quintus, only the month of February was colder than in previous years.  In springtime, nocturnal temperatures remained low, giving distinct humidity.  This humidity stayed until May and was then followed by heavy rainfall in June.  Flowering was not hindered though and came about rapidly, with the formation of lovely clusters. In almost tropical weather conditions, the vine’s growth continued non-stop all through the vegetative season, with a significant growth of shoots, like secondary shoots.  The teams were particularly ready to swing into action and quick to respond for green work, to protect the good health of the vineyard efficiently, by trimming frequently and mowing the plant cover between the vine rows.  Gradual leaf-thinning on the sunrise side, essential in this year, was done in almost all of the plots, to encourage air to circulate around the grape bunches.  In the same way, untangling of grape bunches, carried out every year, was of crucial importance in 2023.  Green harvests were stepped up to make sure that veraison was consistent.  Summer was rather cool and made way for a hot, dry late-summer, with a sharp rise in temperatures that allowed the grapes’ ripeness and concentration to be honed.

2023 was a year requiring quick responsiveness and anticipation from the teams. 

The result of this is a vintage that is impressive for its balance, both concentrated and fresh.

The harvests

from 12th September to 3rd October


The harvests began on 12th September with the young Merlot vines.  The decision when to harvest was taken particularly by tasting the berries in the vineyard.  These meticulous tastings of the grapes also played a decisive role in deciding upon the important work of intra-plot selection carried out at Quintus this year.  Each micro-plot, according to its potential, was therefore sent to the appropriate vat room, because each one of the three wines of the property is made in a specific vat house.  Adjustment of methods in the vineyard, as well as the resilience of the teams bore their fruit and enabled a harvest of good quality to be gathered, with juices straight away presenting a superb aromatic range, between balance and freshness, with those from North Quintus being particularly delicate and elegant. 

Château Quintus

The wine shows a beautiful deep red colour. The first nose gives powerful aromas. Swirling then reveals the fine complexity of the delicately woody notes of red and black fruits: captivating. The first taste of this Quintus is rich and tight at the same time. The wines stays full of flavour and reveals that the precise tannic powerfulness makes way for an enchanting presence of savours.



78.3% Merlot, 21.7% Cabernet Franc


Alcohol by volume

15° (provisional)


New barrels


Le Dragon de Quintus

A dark, bold, red wine colour. Discreet, but bewitching on the first nose. Swirling reveals depth, excellent ripeness of fruit and freshness too. The first taste is soft, tender, fruity and flavourful. As the wine develops, it remains fruity and fresh. It is soft on the palate, smooth and the finish is still fresh on pleasant flavours. Then the tannins disappear and the savours persist. This Dragon is quite simply rousing!



71.6% Merlot, 28.4% Cabernet Franc


Alcohol by volume

15.1° (provisional)


New barrels


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