Honoring Le Dragon de Quintus in 2024

The Chinese New Year on February 10th, 2024, 

inaugurated the beginning of the Wood Dragon Year.

Le Dragon de Quintus

The figure of the Dragon is said to bring abundance, prosperity and health, while the wood as an element symbolizes humanity’s aspiration to achieve, grow and expand. Thus, 2024 would be the perfect year to discover, or rediscover the exceptional heritage of Le Dragon de Quintus, the second wine of Château Quintus.


The name originates from the dragon statue that towers above the magical terroir of Saint-Emilion. Sitting atop the promontory where a watchtower once stood to guard the property, the massive bronze dragon statue with a six-meter wingspan overlooks the valley. Inspired by the western legend that depicts the dragon as a mythical creature with very sharp eyesight protecting a priceless treasure, this statue created by Mark Coreth, with its wings spread widely, has become the symbol of the estate, and even more: its true guardian.

The 2016 Vintage

This wine offers an unparalleled sensory experience, capturing the magic of the terroir and the energy of this iconic Chinese year. It is a ripe and fairly intense bouquet of crunchy red fruits with an already well-integrated oak. The wine starts of quite smooth on the palate, immediately going on to reveal excellent fruit.The blending is composed at 90% of Merlot, and 10% of Cabernet Franc.


Whether celebrating the New Year or a special moment, Le Dragon de Quintus 2016 offers an exceptional tasting experience, fusing tradition and modernity. May this Chinese New Year be as remarkable and promising as this wine is, bringing prosperity and happiness with every tasting.

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