2022 Vintage En Primeur

In the vineyard

Winter is quite dry and within seasonal averages. The lack of rainfall continues at the beginning of spring and budburst comes about at the end of March, in the more precocious plots. A spell of frost lasting several days takes hold immediately afterwards and leads to a pause in budburst, as well as a halt to the vine’s growth, but ultimately it causes very little lasting damage. The warm weather arrives as early as April and continues into May, with an early flowering. During the heat wave that comes in mid-June, the teams reduce their green work considerably to protect the grapes. This strategy is beneficial, because the grapes continue to ripen without the slightest sign of sun scald. Summer is sun-drenched and light rain showers during the week of August 10th cool down the soils and make ripening consistent.

With the recent expansion of the property, the 2022 vintage marks the first time that Château Quintus has managed the entire winemaking process, from pruning to winemaking. This year made it possible to fully embrace the abundant diversity of terroirs, bringing out their finest expression.

The harvests

from September 7th to 28th


The harvest at Château Quintus started on September 7th, with the grapes in excellent health. This makes it the earliest harvest since the establishment of the property in 2011. Firstly the young vines are harvested and then plots at the top of the slope, facing south. Considerable intra-plot selection is done in the vineyard to bring out the very best from each plot.


Smaller in size this year, the grapes are of extraordinary quality; they are concentrated and present a superb range of aromas and flavours. The harvests are gathered serenely up until September 28th, in perfect weather conditions. As soon as the harvest is gathered, it is evident that the 2022 vintage follows irrefutably in the footsteps of very promising vintages such as 2019 and 2020. The clay-limestone soils of Saint-Emilion, particularly those of Quintus, are thriving this year thanks to their ability to retain coolness, allowing the grapes to adapt to early periods of heat and drought.

Château Quintus

The colour of this Quintus is a deep purple. The nose is powerful, revealing ripeness, but not excessively so, with scents of red and black fruits, giving freshness: it is complex, therefore delicate. The first taste is wide, majestic, gentle and structured. The wine then progresses, smooth, devoid of heaviness, but powerful, covering the palate in the three dimensions: width, depth and length. The Cabernet Francs (more than 40%) bring freshness, as well as structure and combine with the generous, fleshy Merlots, to give a result perhaps never before attained at Quintus. Superb.



58.5% Merlot, 41.5% Cabernet Franc


Alcohol by volume

15.5° (provisional)


New barrels


Le Dragon de Quintus

The colour of this Dragon de Quintus is a deep red. The nose is powerful and remarkably woody at this stage: spices mingle with red fruits to tempt us to taste this wine. Wide and fleshy on the first taste, the wine then develops, becomes more delicate and fruity, seamlessly, delightful and delicious right to the finish. A superb creamy sensation. This Dragon is definitely among our Greatest successes for this wine…



81.6% Merlot, 12.1% Cabernet Franc,

6.3% Malbec


Alcohol by volume

15.7° (provisional)


New barrels


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